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Nocciola Organic Blend by Süssmund

Süssmund goes to great lengths to ensure that they can directly source superior quality coffees, while providing fair payment for coffee farmers and ensuring sustainability and transparency in their productionand supply chain. Their carfully selected coffees are then regularly and gently roasted in their roasting drum in small batches to ensure freschness and concistency in their product.

Te hazelnut is central to this first organic blend by Süssmund. The full-bodied, nutty and delicate fruity notes and the crema rendered at extraction remind of a classic well-balanced itallian espresso with a pinch. Nocciola Organic is great on its own as an espresso, but is also very well-suited fordrinking as an americano, a cappuccino, a cortado or a latte.

70% Mexico: Oaxaca CEPCO Cooperative, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Typica (Arabica), washed
30% India: Wayanad, Kerala WOFFA Cooperative, Parchment Robusta, washed
Body: 5/5, Fruit: 0/5
Tasteprofile: Roasted hazelnuts, marzipan, cocoa

Süssmund has recorded some major successes of note. Amongst others their coffe has won the Austrian Brewers Cup in 2014, 2015 und 2016 and was runner-up in the samecompetition in 2018.

Fazendas Klem Dry Box Lot #3 by Nomi Coffee

Kaffeemodul has long been a speciallity coffeeshop a solid reputation for consistently serving excellent quality. Recently the boys have started producing their own roast under the name of Nomi Coffee, and we are happy to be in the position to offer this excellent roast as our current guest roast.

Sustainability and transparency in the production of their coffee and the fair payment of the farmers areimportant to Nomi Coffee too and are ensured through their close cooperationwith specialist importers who honour this core values.

Their Fazendas Klem Dry Box #3, is somewhat of a surprise. Typicalyy one thinks of a dark chocolaty or nutty espresso when we talk of a Brazillian espresso. Coming third in the 2017 Cup of Excellence, and grown on a lot that was nominated as the best place organic coffee lot of the same year, our guest roast - Fazendas Klem Dry Box Lot #3 - is a fruity and flowery medium Brazilian arabica roast for the coffe versed and interested coffee aficionados.

This real treat is most suited as an espresso, but also goes well streched as an americano or with milk as a cortado or a cappuccino.The floweriness and fruitness in the coffee makes it a great choise for an iced coffee. This is not your classic italian espresso.

100% Brasil: Fazendas Klem Dry Box Lot #3, arabica, natural, medium roast
Body: 3/5, Frucht: 4/5
Tasteprofile: Plum, tropical fruit, walnut

Allergenic information

A - Gluten containing cerials, B - Shellfish, C - Eggs, D - Fish, E - Peanuts, F - Soy, G - Milk, H - Legumes, L - Celery, M - Mustard, N - Sesame, O - Sulphur and sulphite, P - Lupin, R - Mollusca